this and that

It's late, I'm kind of tired and I'll have my hands full with little C tomorrow (no school for her on tuesdays/thursdays) so here are a few tidbits...

I'm still busy working on things for my shop. My cards are a little brighter than I expected but I feel like coaxing the warmer weather into coming sooner with color (I'll probably take back that statement in a couple of months!). This photo is actually quite deceiving (I'll have to retake it with better lighting) because the colors look like they came right out of the tube when in reality I did a lot of mixing to make the inks a little softer without looking like pastels. I'm still experimenting with other colors as well. Hmmm...

My trees are time consuming to make but I enjoy them. My intention is for them to be framed with or without a mat board (depending on the owner's taste) and definitely not to be used with the back end of a frame like I did here. I still haven't decided which option I prefer (a dark border vs. a lighter one). Which one do you think works best?

I already sold my "four trees" to a super/duper creative person. I'm so flattered he purchased them!

I now have very short hair! The summer is coming soon so I just decided to go for it (we don't have spring in Texas haven't you heard!?). I haven't had my hair this short since we had little C three yrs ago. It feels great! I have naturally curly hair so I basically wash and go. Yeah for efficiency!

And last, but certainly not least, a little story about my little C. For those of you that don't know she's only 3.

I went to cut my hair on Saturday and as I'm out and about I got a worried call from my hubby. He was worried because he said little C was "playing" with my things. She basically had rolled out some ink on my inking surface, started inking one of my linoleum blocks with a brayer (yes, this "smart" mom left everything oh so handy and within her reach!) and proceeded to make a print on a blank sheet of paper with the help of my baren. She did everything right!! As hubby was talking to me on the phone, describing everything she was doing, he also managed to take some photos. Here are a few... She knew how to do all of this because I let her help me the other day with a batch of cards I ...sorry... we made. When I got home she did it all over again to show me what she had done. I am sooo proud of her!! :) that I got my proud-mom-story out of the way I can bid you all a good night!


  1. aw, that's so cute! she's a natural!

  2. Like mother like daughter! I love the stamp with the tree swing. So cute. And the tree carvings are my definite favorite. I like both border colors, myself. I think the dark border gives it a more "forest primeval" look and the lighter border looks like dawn in a winter forest. Personally, I would buy the darker one, but I like both.

  3. Little C! She looks to be an excellent assistant. the cards and designs are beautiful, I'm sure you'll find colors you'll be happy with.

  4. What a great story! I saw the photo at Flickr and had to come over and get the full story. Love the trees, too, by the way.