lovely afternoon

I'm breaking a record here...two posts in one day!

This is my first non-crafty post in a while but I guess I just wanted to share. We had a GORGEOUS day here today. Almost no clouds in the sky, breezy (unheard of in these parts!) and about 70 degrees (21 C). It was just one of those days that it's almost criminal to stay inside.

This is a photo of some "lovely" weeds that are popping up in our grass (literally overnight!!). I see yard work in my near future (Saturday?). Little C grabbed a hold of the longest of these weeds (which up close are actually kind of pretty) went into the kitchen and asked for a vase filled with water. She then proceeded to put the lonely skinny weed in the vase and place it on our dining room table. I asked her if that was our new center piece (she removed the one I had there) and she gave me an "Uhuh" that sounded more like an "Of course!". She's too much!

The last two photos are a couple I took during our little excursion to a pond that's about 10 minutes away from home. We were killing time before picking up little D from school. Little C was very excited to see ducks and turtles and really got into throwing all sorts of things in the pond (leaves, rocks, pine cones). Why is it so fun to throw things into the water? Someone needed a lot of prodding when it came time to leave.

As I was taking this first photo I totally thought of my balsa trees.

I love this photo because I caught Little C in the middle of her confident stride - hair swinging and all. was a lovely afternoon.


  1. Don't do it Marilyn!! Just say no to spec! Lol. :)

  2. hehe...she does have a "go get 'em" kind of stride, doesn't she? cute!