it's short now

I really don't like taking photos of myself but this was a must. The photo I had on my website and on Crafty Synergy was pretty old; as you all recall I just got my hair cut so I felt I needed to show something more current; finally there's something coming up (I'll let you know if it happens) and I need to send a photo of myself. I had to take a minimum of 40 photos to get one that I liked. No joke. Picture, picture, picture, delete, delete, delete, repeat. So there you have it. The new me.

No new projects this weekend. One of the kiddos was sick but we did make it to the zoo on Friday afternoon. A lot of fun. Saturday and Sunday we were just home taking it easy. I did manage to get all the materials that I need for more of my trees. So those will be coming in about a week.

Speaking of my work I need to thank several people. Thank you to Cynthia Tinapple of Polymer Clay Daily for posting about my little clay experiment. It certainly was a pleasant surprise that it caught her eye. For any of you interested in that particular medium her blog is a must read. Also, thank you to Jena at Modish and Jen at IndieFixx for posting about my linen wall art. I'm very grateful about the attention my work has been receiving in the blogging community in the past week or so. I couldn't spread the word without you! Thank you! :)

And lastly, I know, I know, you're all going to get sick of my trees but I just had to post one more shot of them before they head off to their new home. I didn't think I would feel a small loss by sending these off but I do. I do want to see them go but at the same time I know I'll kind of miss them. Yes, my name is Patricia and I'm weird.


  1. love the trees!! and the hair is so super cute too! good pic!

  2. Love the picture. I think it would take 4000 pictures before I would be happy with one. LOL!

  3. Patricia, the new haircut is ADORABLE. I get a lot of compliments on the photo on my coaching site, and that one also required more than 40 photos to get the right one (actually, I think there were two that were good). But that's really typical. :-)

  4. Your hair is FABULOUS. You look exotic. I think I have hair envy.