from mom

These two books where given to me recently by my mom. They were part of her required school materials. She had to take these classes in school. I wish they would've made me do the same! I'm not sure if it was in elementary or in high school. Either way they are at least 50 yrs old. I'm not one to cross stitch but I find that the illustrations in that book will inspire something. We'll see. In any case I consider these real treasures.

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  1. these ARE great treasures...the cross stitch charts are wonderful and i'm surprised to see them in color being that they are 50 years old. they must be good quality books.

    i wasn't aware you were going to participate in the quilt project. how great!! lovely papers, can't wait to see what you do with them.

    also, congratulations on all your successes. you are most deserving :)