food and art

This will be short and sweet because the kids are on spring break. Wow, does that throw off my routine!!

These Two Trees aren't new to those of you kind enough to visit. They're the same I posted here and they are now available in my store. This project is a lot more time consuming than it appears so the price is reflective of that and the fact that it is a one-of-a-kind item. I really don't like the whole pricing thing. It's hard to gauge what is fair with what is feasible.

As you can see, this time I stained the border. I definitely like it better this way. I also figured out how to make the shadow thing work. I made a small thin frame that is smaller than the entire piece so that it appears to float on the wall. Nice shadows! I amuse myself so easily, don't I?

On a totally different note...have you had plantain before? If you haven't you must! It is the only fried thing that we eat in this house and it's a treat that we enjoy maybe once a month or so with red beans, rice, avocado slices...among other things. It's as close as we get to the "bandeja paisa" a typical Colombian dish.

I remember a couple of years ago I made a lot plantain and took it in a big bowl to a neighborhood barbecue. No one there had ever had plantain before and it completely disappear within minutes. It was a HUGE hit. Personally I LOVE it! These are the salty kind called "patacones". When the plantain is ripe you slice it differently (on a diagonal in thin slices) and it is sweet. Either way it's yummy! :)


  1. the trees look great and the plantains....are...making me...HUNGRY!!!

  2. LOVE plantains. I don't make them at home, but a Salvadorean restaurant around the corner serves them, and I get them with beans, a cheese and loroco pupusa and lots of crema. OMG. I may have to go there tonight.

  3. Man, do I love those trees!

    I was wondering if you could post a recipe for plantains, as I have never had them.

  4. Paty, muchas felicidades por la apertura de tu tienda!!! Lo que haces es maravilloso, estoy segura de que será un exito total :)
    Y esos platanitos están sumamente tentadores...tu bowl de barro también es colombiano? tengo unos chilenos muy parecidos. Creo que mañana los voy a llenar de plátanos fritos ;)

    Un abrazo desde México!

  5. lovely trees:)
    The pricing thing is hard, isn't it? And it gets more complicated when you have things in other have to make sure you don't undersell your retailers. So prices tend to creep...

  6. Those trees look stunning in their simplicity (though I doubt they were simple to make), they are really beautiful. I love ther sound of that dish too, sounds like a good summer food.

  7. what a beautiful piece patricia!

  8. Oh, I'm bummed I missed out on your beautiful trees. I love the stain and the shadow great.