As my self-imposed deadline, of opening my shop again in February, approaches I've been focusing on what I really want to showcase. We had a slow weekend and I had time to really think. The little sketch exercises that I've been keeping up in my Moleskine have also helped me understand what I'm gravitating towards. I pulled out my old blocks and I'm going to try to be brutally honest with myself in regards to what I should keep and what I shouldn't. Some are easy to discard and some I'm on the fence about. Another decision I need to make is regarding ink colors. Sometimes I really want to go bright but other times I like a more subtle/darker approach.

What I've always felt about A Little Hut is that it's my little art lab. It's my place to play, to see what works and what doesn't. When something doesn't work it hurts more simply because there is more of 'me' invested compared to my design work. I have to learn to just let go and let the work speak for itself.

Off to work some more... design and carving are both on my plate today!

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  1. Your work is beautiful. Were is your shop? I will love to see more of your work.