I'm back! Don't you love the feeling of a clean slate? That's how I feel every new year. LOVE IT. I don't usually make new year's resolutions because I learned a long time ago that I don't stick to them. This year I am but instead I'm calling them goals (yes, I know I discovered something really "new"!). Just that small word change makes a huge difference in my mind.

The holidays were great! We enjoyed them surrounded by family, friends and lots of good food. I really didn't stress out as much this time around because I really cut back my to-do list for December. I did the essentials without killing myself.

On to this year...I have a lot of ideas and I'm in the process of starting them. They cover all aspects of my personal and professional life and I think they are very realistic. I feel they're going to help me make this a great year!

Oh and one more thing...I was tagged by Dai from Dear Monday to list 6 strange things about me that you may not know. These were actually hard to come up with!

1. I HATE avocados and the crunch of raw onions. Yuck!

2. We have two wedding anniversaries one in March (10 minute, nice outfit, civil ceremony) and one in August (typical white bridal dress, long, catholic wedding). Long story! We consider the August wedding our "real" anniversary.

3. I used to be an absolute neat freak. In my mind I still am but after having kids I control my impulses to have everything perfectly arranged. The thing that helps me the most is something someone once said to me: "Do you want your kids to remember living in a happy messy home, or in an unhappy museum looking home?"

4. When using a pen it MUST be black ink. Any other color just doesn't seem right.

5. I have a really nice pen and lots and lots of pencils but most of the time when I draw/doodle I really like using a cheap old BIC pen. I don't know why.

6. I love white dishes and I don't think that will ever change. I think that there are beautiful colored/patterned china sets but I fear I'd get tired of a specific one and want to change it every so often. My color preferences may also change from time to time. It's easier to have different linens to set a certain mood.

So there you have it! Thanks Dai. That was fun. :) I'm tagging Kathleen and Nicole Edit...they've already been tagged.

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  1. I have to use black ink as well! Other colors just don't feel right!