My ornaments are done!

So here they are! Each ornament is 3" wide x about 4.25" tall. I painted the second side of each piece white (with a thin/subtle layer of glitter on top) and then glued the house and tree pieces back to back. In order to give them a nicer finish, I made them a little wider on one side so that I could line them up on the left side and cut off the excess on the right side (did that make sense!?)

I've always thought that it's interesting how my design work tends to be very simple and flat (not very layered/dimensional) but I find it easy to work in 3D. I have a really easy time picturing it in my head before I make something and this pretty much turned out the way I envisioned it. I totally attribute the 3D ability to playing with wooden blocks and Legos A LOT as a kid. But that's a story for another day.

My original plan was to have three layers of cork. The middle layer (the one I didn't include in the end) was going to be a simple rectangle that gave the illustration more depth. I eliminated that layer in order to avoid being too rushed in the end.

The biggest obstacle when working with cork was its inherent property to hide cuts (hence making it good bulletin board material - duh!). I had to keep a close eye on every cut and know where I'd been so that my shapes where accurate.

I still have to package all the ornaments and mail them out tomorrow - one day shy of the deadline - whew! ;) Sorry about the photos. The glitter and bad lighting made it more difficult to take decent ones.


  1. those are so neat! looks like a lot of hard work.

  2. I. WANT. ONE.

    Seriously, Patricia, those are awesome!

    I never make anything any more. It's so sad.

  3. These ornaments are incredible! The design, how each side shows a different view, the red and white combination, it's all so clean and simple and so very appealing. They have a 1930s feel to them, which is one of my favorite design eras.

    You must done great on the spatial visualization part of the SAT! Are you one of those people who can look at fabric and a pattern and visualize how the finished garment will look? Those legos and wooden blocks have really paid off over the years!

  4. wow! thank you for all the nice comments! :)

  5. Patricia, you are a genius. These are so beautiful, and so unique.

  6. wow! these are terrific. i love your blog banner too. happy holidays!

  7. thanks jessica! happy holidays to you too! :)

  8. i love the end product. it is great to see the process all the way through. i am starting to really enjoy the process of making and not just the final results.

    great work.