Working outside

Since I can't show you what I'm working on I decided that at least I could show you where I'm working from this morning (nice to be wireless!). No, it's no cool outside (I live in TX remember!) but with a trusty fan at my feet it's not so bad. I just needed to get outside.

What a sad yard we have! Zero plants. Plain grass. At least the neighbors have a pretty palm we can look at. ;)

Oh, so why can't I show what I'm working on? Well, some of it is client work (nothing really exciting anyway) and the rest is related to my site. I fear that after all this build up some people will be saying - "what was all the fuss about?"- but I'm just being really picky about some things. I probably won't go live for another week or so -- boo hoo! -- because hubby is SWAMPED with work. I sure wish I could get into his head and learn everything he knows so I could just FINISH this thing once and for all!!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)


  1. Nice view! At least its nice grass. We have wild stuff growing in our backyard and as soon as you sit out there all the flies come at you!

  2. Thanks! I don't go out like this that often though. The heat is unbearable most of the time.

  3. Very Zen...yes that's it! ;) LOL.

    I've been wondering about Wordpress a lot but am quite comfy here and the move would be a lot for me right now (having 3 blogs doesn't help!!) We'll see...