I'm still alive!

I've been busy because of work, A Little Hut, and other odds and ends. I wasn't feeling the word "speed" for last weeks IF so I didn't even start it. I don't even know if I'll do IF this week either. I came to the realization that it was something else that was distracting me from other things that I'd like to finish. A Little Hut is 95% completed now. My part is done and I'm just waiting for my hubby to get a chance to finish some programming. That has consumed most of my free time. I just WANT to get it done.

I've decided that this blog will only house my work (design/illustration/experiments) and A Little Hut updates. So... believe it or not I've started another blog (I sound like an addict!). My new blog is called am intrigued. It will be a collection of finds that I personally like and that inspire me. It will probably have a little bit of everything - furniture, architecture, home accessories, etc etc etc. I don't know how the blog will evolve but I think it will be fun.

My other blog, Crafty Synergy, has been slowly chugging along. I don't know if it has brought anyone any benefit but I've enjoyed reading the interviews. I hope everyone is enjoying them as well.


  1. The end is near! I can't wait to see your new website. I really enjoy reading Crafty Synergy, it is very inspiring!

  2. I'm glad your enjoying Crafty Synergy. I dont' hear from anyone about it so sometimes I wonder if it's worth it at all!

  3. Thanks Ponderer! I love getting feedback otherwise I feel like I'm in cyber space talking to myself! LOL. ;)