P is for Procrastination

So here I am sleepy and with some work that needs to be done. What do I do? Doodle and make this silly little drawing. Certainly not worthy of Sugar Frosted Goodness! If you're interested in illustration check it out. I just joined but I will really have to think twice before submitting anything there because the illustrators there are very very talented.

To kill more time I even scanned in this little 2 min. sketch that I did when I was wondering what to submit for Illustration Friday (insect) this week. This is me yelling "a roach, a roach!!" :) I HATE HATE them and they totally send me into histerics. We don't have them in the house but in the summer it's not a good thing to leave the door open for too long because they sneak in real easily and unnoticed. Yuck!

Off to work on a logo I haven't finished...

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