Is there a refrigerator heaven?

Well my weekend revolved around the fact that on Thursday our refrigerator died. At first we thought it was just the freezer. The evidence: a puddle around it that morning. I thought "no biggie" I'll call the Sears people and we can survive a day without a freezer. I'm not one of those that uses it much except for ice cream and some other odds and ends. I've never understood those people that need the extra sub-zero freezer in their garages. What the heck to they store in those huge things anyway!?

Fast forward to Friday afternoon (when Sears guy is supposed to make his appearance). I hate the fact that the appointed time is from 1pm to 5pm. How annoying! I don't have a life at all right? I don't have a son that needs to be picked up from school, kids to feed, dinner to make, errands to run, right?! I drove super fast to and from school to pick up little D in fear that we'd miss the guy and came straight home to wait for him for three hours more. I finally got fed up and called customer service only to get some woman that thought I was being funny. I basically told her that I had to throw away all the food in our fridge (yes, all of it, once I realized the entire fridge wasn't working and everything started smelling 'lovely') that I had small children and they were hungry (of course nothing in the pantry was to their fancy on this particular afternoon!). She smirked/grinned kind of laughed. Normally I would've of lost it right then and there but I did a mental rewind of what I had just said and decided that yeah maybe I did sound kind of funny. Anyway, the guy shows up at 6:30pm! By then my survival instincts had kicked in and I had the "brilliant" idea to call for pizza. HELLO! Like I never do that on a Friday evening anyway (pizza/movie/game night at the Z household). It's funny how I was so stuck on the fact that there was nothing in the fridge and that made me feel so useless as the kids kept asking for this or that. More like stupid.

It turned out that the problem was that a little thing the size of a stack of playing cards was messed up and it cost us $200 something. Oh brother. We chose to just see it as a plus because we were already picturing a weekend trip hunting down a new fridge. Another plus - I didn't cook all weekend because we had to wait 24hrs before storing anything in the fridge and Saturday was so busy for us that I didn't have time to go grocery shopping until Sunday. He-he.

To futher illustrate my frustration over this weekend's events I actually drew a refrigerator going to heaven (with little wings and all) but decided that if I posted that horrible pitiful thing none of the lovely people that read my blog would ever come back. Who knows you may never come back anyway after just reading this drivel (if you've even made it this far!). Ha-ha!


  1. I totally want to see the picture of the fridge going to heaven. Even though I think all dead fridges go the other way.

  2. Yeah I can see your point about them going the other way...LOL! As far as the drawing trust me it's pathetic. I could never show my face again if I posted that thing!