Dreaming Big

As I watch the Olympics it amazes me what all these athletes do and the dedication it takes to get where they are today. It makes me really wonder why I'm not doing more to get where I want to be. I have a lot of ideas and I know they will work. I just need to go for it. These are the thoughts I've been having all day as we all walk around in our pjs.

We're all in our pjs because we're all sick. Little D has bronchitis, little C has a fever/cold/something, hubby has some other stuff and I have a recurring heart burn that is going to kill me.

The weather took a drastic turn and we're dipping just below freezing tonight. Yeah, I know big deal for all you northerners but for us it's just plain weird. Just a few days ago the kids were in shorts.

Speaking of dreaming big, my nano seconds of TV fame have been postponed. HGTV has decided to start airing the new season sometime in July. ??? All the new episodes are ready to go so I have no idea what that's all about. They just let everyone know in a mass email sent out yesterday. Stay tuned.


  1. what a shame they've postponed it! Darn!
    Love your cute doodle.

  2. You DO have dedication. You're just not able to concentrate on it since you have family, clients, etc. (I know the feeling) If you can do one thing a day on your ideas, that's accomplishment. Olympians get there cuz get to (have to) focus on perfecting their craft, all day, everyday.
    As for HGTV, I was looking forward to end of Feb!

  3. Shorts? Bah!!!

    (btw, I'm saving my "tag" - haven't forgotten)

  4. roz: thanks! ;)

    ponderer: thanks for the 'dedication' comment. I wonder about that sometimes!

    jeope: I was wondering about the tag thing! curiousity killed the cat kind of thing...

  5. Patricia, Hope you and the rest of the family get better quickly!

  6. Thanks so much! Yes, we are all doing well - except when they have to take their antibiotics.. :(