Taking the day OFF!

Yes, I'm still basking in my 1/2 marathon accomplishment from yesterday but today I'm a happy limping/walking like a penguin runner. To think that I actually have to do a small run/walk to get rid of this pain is just not fun to even think about at this point. I decided to take the day off from EVERYTHING. I have both kids here today because of the holiday so we've been playing on the floor in the living room for most of the day. Today I am grateful for a gray/gloomy day (not like yesterday which was perfect!) so I have the perfect excuse to stay indoors.


  1. You need a stationary bike. Wouldn't that help work the kinks out, too?

    When're you doing the full marathon?

  2. A stationary bike would probably help but we don't have one. Today I'm actually feeling really recovered. I wouldn't say 100% but almost there.
    If I do the full marathon it will be a year from now (during the same event I just participated in - Houston Marathon). I'm starting to really think about doing it.