My first gift!!

I just got this stainless steel card holder (with mini stainless steel magnets) from a dear friend today in the mail. Totally unexpected - love those kinds of gifts. She also got our family name engraved in the middle. Love it!

I started visiting some design blogs that I haven't read in a while and discovered a really cool one - Design Spotter. Very cool stuff but nothing I'd really use. Looking at all this makes me want to run out and really go to school again - this time it would be industrial design. But a third BA? Maybe not! Although I could get a masters I suppose...hmmm.

It's funny how I fluctuate in my tastes. I really love the modern aesthetics of things found on a site such as that but would never really use them in my actual home. I really prefer to live among things made of more natural materials such as the ones found in a place like this. The Blancaneaux Lodge is my favorite. I would just die to go there for a few days and then be able to bring some of that stuff into my house!!!! Ahhh to dream.... For some reason this also brings memories of the place where we spent our honeymoon. The hotel doesn't look anything like the Blancaneeaux but it just came to mind... maybe because hubby is out of town. :(

What a random post today!

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  1. Oooh - that snoflake card holder is fab! I want one too!