It's a wrap!

So here I am a day after my HGTV and crazy weekend experience feeling relieved and relaxed. The HGTV thing was a definitely a lot of fun but a lot of work as well. The crew was at may house from 4pm until 9:30pm and we worked pretty much non-stop. Lots of retakes, lots of little glitches (camera batteries, me messing up, etc) but lots of laughs as well. They were really nice people and they helped me out a lot.
One of the guys said that I looked like Rachel Ray (food network) on camera! He-he...

The biggest and basically only downside to this whole experience is the fact that I ended up sounding like Demi Moore to the nth degree. I was really hoarse and my voice kept cracking. I've been fighting a bad cold since last week. At least I had a voice to speak of! I had ZERO/NADA/ZILCH voice on Saturday. Needless to say I was pretty much assuming that I'd have to cancel the whole thing but I got most of my voice back by Sunday morning.

My co-star was my miniature schnauzer Otto. He did great and was going crazy around all the newcomers in the house. Poor little guy I had to take him to the master bathroom so that he'd let us record without distractions. He's just SUPER friendly with everyone. Not much of a watch dog that's for sure!

The photo above is a layout of a few of my cards that I set up on a wall of my study. They took shots of the cards as filler stuff I suppose.

I don't find out until Feb when my segment airs. I'll post the date when I know what it is for sure.

Now to return to real life and all my real life deadlines!!!

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  1. ooooooh that is so cool. Dang, I'd be nervous too if it were me!!