still busy

I'm back...sort of. I'm still busy but I figured it'd be nice to check in. As much as I enjoy blogging it was actually nice to take a break from it. I caught up with some of my design work among other things and now I can work on getting the shop going. Another reopening date has come and gone. I really really hate that but I'm not going to dwell on it. Being a mom/wife/professional well... something has got to give at some point and I'd rather stay sane than try to get everything done.

To keep it short and sweet here are a few more things...

I've been turning my block printing/embroidered practice pieces into the real deal (to be sold as limited edition items)

Carving more trees (this one is already spoken for even before making it into the shop!)

Some mommy/daughter time

Little C takes a shot of the park


I don't know how long I'll be gone (a week, maybe two?) but I need to take a break from my bloggity blog. There's too much to do! I'll be back when I feel more caught up. In the meantime I hope you all take care!

This cork is the one that I made here. The only difference is that I cut out some leaves to add some interest. And yes, that's my actual every day handwriting. I started using all caps when I was in high school and it stuck... ;)