alt design summit 2012

alt design summit

I didn't take a camera with me—just my iphone. As expected my photos are scarce and not very good. There are only 2 with people in them. I guess I talked to much to be worried about shots. The reality is that it's what you don't see here that is what I will remember most about the summit.

inspiration (most memorable: the keynote speech by Ben the founder of Pinterest—so genuine)
 connections (meeting new and old friends for the first time—what a group of awesome people)
 conversations (a lot of laughter too)
 exchange of information and advice (a lot of this—still sifting through it all)
 hugs and smiles (all around)
—those are the things that I'll remember.

I'm tired—but it's the good kind. I'm full of ideas to follow up on and business cards that need to be organized.

alt design summit
  1. Winter Wonderland Party. I was among the 'cheaters' and was only dressed half-way white. I couldn't find anything that I felt good in! (I know... picky, picky me)
  2. (L to R) Michelle Smith, me, Arianne Foulks and Nicole Balch. So, so glad I finally met these talented ladies after years of 'knowing' them online. 
  3. Eating breakfast alone to gather my thoughts before teaching my paper craft class on Saturday morning. I was a bit nervous but I think things went well—I hope my students feel the same. They were a lovely group!
  4. The coolest dog I saw in the beautiful hotel toy store. It's made out of rolled newspaper!
View from the room I shared with the awesome and fellow Houstonian, Caroline.

alt design summit

Snow on the last day!

alt design summit

It's a small world mini-story
I met Carina on Friday afternoon. We exchanged business cards and she told me she was going to be one my students the next day. Awesome! About a couple of hours later we met again during the mini-parties:
Carina: You'll never guess what happened?
Me: What?
Carina: I spoke to my husband this afternoon and he told me that he had just taught one of your tutorials to his special education students. He asked me if I knew who who Patricia Zapata is?
Me: No way!!!  
Or at least that's the way I remember it.
It was total coincidence. It is a small world, isn't it?

Carina—if you're reading I'd still love to know what project he taught—just curious.
(Edit - Got the skinny! - it was the magazine bowl)

• • •

If I can, I will definitely be at ALT Design Summit next year. Loved it!

Stay tuned for a little tutorial that I'm going to share on Tuesday.
Hint: It's something I made specifically to wear to my paper craft class.

Now all I can say is... thank goodness for being home and sleeping in my own bed. Ahhh!

(More and better photos from the summit can be found on Flickr)

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