the heart of the matter


I went through my Flickr sets and decided to pick out my absolute favorite pieces and here they are. The fact that they are all white is no coincidence. I love white (surprise, right?). Interestingly our house and my wardrobe are anything but just white. I'm not afraid of color per se. I think that I just really like working with shapes and seeing how far I can take them. It's almost like color gets in the way of that—it's a distraction.

I've been thinking about the progress of my work and I feel like I've taken a bit of a detour. I need to get back on track. Taking stock and looking at what really interests me is the first step. If you notice some changes around here you'll know that this is why. I've been thinking about this so much that I even have had the urge to just delete my entire blog and start from scratch. Can you imagine that?! The scary thing... I'm still tempted. Very tempted.

Friday tidbits
The weather has finally cooled and I've started using my crocheted slippers. I just love them! They keep my feet so toasty and warm. I can't share that particular pattern with you, since it's copyrighted material, but maybe this one will work for you.

Spooky Halloween Silhouettes: Punch-Out Window Shadows for a Haunted Home - This book looks like it would be a fun and easy way to make something fun with the kids. I already showed my little C this and she begged me to do the same. The author, Jeff Rudell used to do some amazing work for Craftstylish.

Wendy Jung - My favorite find of the week. I absolutely love this shape–and yes, it doesn't hurt that it's white. Too bad she has nothing for sale at the moment.

Have a great weekend everyone!
• • •

Blog change —I've decided to stop using Disqus for the comments area. Disabling it means that I will unfortunately lose all the kind words that you've shared with me since I started using it. They will all be gone once the code is removed from the blog (it still is active as of this post). I regret the loss of your comments terribly, but I think that in the end it will be better for the blog. Please don't take it personally—I hope you understand.

EDIT - Ok... you can comment on my blog again! All I have to say is that I never should've used Disqus. Ugh.


  1. wow, they look lovely all together like that. I think the top left is my fave.

  2. Ok, then! :)

    Let me register again that I hope you reconsider that decision about the blog - just think about all those link feedbacks you had over the years! Besides... I just arrived and have so much to see yet! :)

  3. Jojoebi - It's hard for me to pick—but that is definitely one of my top three.

    Pal - Thank you for commenting again (I did see the comments that came through in the morning). Welcome and thank you for your encouraging words. I've decided not to delete the blog but I'm developing another plan... I'll announce it when the time is right. :)

  4. um. i want to make those slippers....

    i always wondered why you had a different commenting system ;)
    hope you had a great weekend !

  5. Actually, deleting DISQUS shouldn't lose you your comment archive. DISQUS maintains a parallel archive to Wordpress - isn't that also the case for Blogger?

  6. It only does it if you tell it to. I didn't know that until fairly recently. I don't think it did that for Blogger when I first starting using it. It was something established after I signed up—for Blogger. I downloaded the comments that I did have—now it's a matter or importing them. Hopefully it will work!

  7. Beautiful white collection! I think everyone should choose their favorites works. Makes kind of a summary of life!!

  8. All of the white pieces together are stunning.

  9. OMG..This is awesome...Wonderful.. :)