day 25 - mini dollhouse tutorial

day 25 - mini dollhouse

I didn't want to finish my 26 days without making the beds I promised little C—so here they are!

I made a new house (also her request—"We need another house for friends!"). The house is the same design, with added window frames and a punch of color on the door.

day 25 - mini dollhouse

She saw it this afternoon and literally squealed. The look on her face was all I needed as a thank you. She completely lit up.

And guess what?
You can make your own too. Today I have another download for you and it's here.
(PDF, DXF and SVG). Since I set up the PDF files on letter-sized paper the house will be a bit smaller than you see here.

day 25 - mini dollhouse

Little C set up the photo below.
"Take a picture! Take a picture!"
Ok! Ok!

day 25 - mini dollhouses

TIP - I forgot to mention something in the handout. The first house is much stronger because I cut and glued two houses one over the other (with Spray Mount before assembly). I completely forgot about that for the second one. The difference in strength is quite noticeable—so that may be something you consider doing.


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This is part of a my 26 days of making series.


  1. Hi,
    I was going to download the templates but the link seems to be broken.. could you perhaps help?

  2. Hi Katy - I just fixed the link. Unfortunately I had issues with these downloads (and my other freebies) so they are for sale for a minimal fee. If you need anything else just let me know. - Thanks!

  3. Great, thanks ! Now I'm trying to buy the template but in the payment method step it claims that none are available...?

  4. Hmm... that's really strange. I just checked and the shop seems to be working well. The 'stock' option indicates there are more than plenty available. If you still have problems let me know. My apologies for the inconvenience.

  5. It claims that no payment methods are available... Can I just pay you via Paypal and be done with it? :)

  6. Hi there - I love the little wood people that you have painted and accompany your house! How tall are they?

  7. Very cute! Do you have a download for the beds or any accesories for the doll house? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Chelsea - The beds are included in the download. I don't have any other accessories at this time. Thanks!

  8. Absolutely adorable ... thanks so much for sharing! My daughter will love making this during summer break.