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I haven't worked with block prints in a long time and I miss them dearly. I can't decided what part of the process I enjoy the most—drawing, carving, printing—they all offer something special.

I carved this last week and today I'm working on the printing. Next will be some embroidery. I'll post photos of the completed project next week.

If you've never tried this type of project I suggest you visit Gennine's blog. She's a genius on all levels of this craft... and much more.

printed linen

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

on paper


  1. Is that on fabric? Or textured paper? What kind of ink do you use for printing?

  2. I printed on linen because I'll be adding some embroidery next. The ink I'm using Speedball block printing ink.

  3. I love having you back in cyber space! I promise I'll try not to be a total copy cat, nor a stalker, but I also promise you to do something good with all the inspiration you give me. :-)

  4. Thanks for the kind words Monica! :)

  5. that turned out great! I love flowers!!

  6. Love...I always see those at the markets and wonder if they would work...Great!

  7. Lovely! Are you using a press or just a baren to print these? They look too crisp to be a baren!

  8. Laura - I didn't use either. I just pressed the stamp by hand. I think I had the right amount of ink on the stamp or I was just plain lucky.

  9. Hi Patricia!
    I looove your homemade printed fabrics and I'm looking for a good method to try it myself! So I was wondering : once you printed it, can it be washed? And do you prepare the fabric before printing process (like coating it with some special magic spray or something??)?
    Thanks for sharing, your work is so inspiring!
    And hurrah for your mini-you co worker:)

  10. Anne Laure - Thanks!
    This fabric in particular can't be washed because I didn't have fabric paint at the time. I didn't worry too much about that since these are sachets, but I do want to try the same method with fabric paint. The only thing that I did to the fabric was iron it really well. That way I had a very flat surface to work on. Any little wrinkle really alters the printing.

  11. Hey Patricia! I've just discovered your blog, I think it's lovely. Congrats on your 5 year existence already.

    I must say this post on your flower stamp made me laugh, because I feel exactly the same. I don't get that a lot, most people I know find it a very tedious job. Like you, I don't often find the time to put me to it, but if I do, I really enjoy. If you're interested in my results, you can have a look at my stamps here.


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