couldn't leave well enough alone

The patterns that I just posted about late last night are now cut out. How I will use them is the question...

paper version

Many of my ideas are well planned out and have a predestined purpose or use. This is obviously not one of them. I'm just going with it and seeing where I will land.

That's all for now. Duty calls.


  1. Wow they are so beautiful as it is! The combination of shapes and patterns is amaizing. It could be such a beautiful screen, for example (imagine the shade it will give!) of lamp shade (doubled with some luminescent vellum)...

  2. Oh, I love this!

    I think it would look nice with 4 different solid colors on the back (one behind each design).

  3. Wow! there are so beautifull!!!!!!!

  4. These remind me of beautiful morrocan (sp?) window screens. Love them!!

  5. Oh these are just wonderful! Looking forward to seeing what you'll do with them next. Would love to watch you in action - your hand is so very steady.

  6. Looks really great .. and a first glance of them (yesterday's post) did not make me think of this output.. WOW!!

    Would look great as lamp-shades .

  7. Beautiful, and so neat and precise! Did you cut these by hand? If so what did you use?

    My cut-outs always look a little raggedy, and not in a good way!

  8. Thanks everyone!

    Ann & Mich - Most of the time my work is done by hand but in this case I used a cutting machine. It is attached to my computer and cuts anything I design digitally.

  9. Hi, I am thinking window treatments or radiator covers, which leads to decorative railings, porch molding, etc. I know that may be overmuch as you don't work in wood..(do you?)
    But that's my take. I subscribe but you have to go back to the net to comment, otherwise you might hear more from me which could be good?

  10. amazing...
    you said you used a cutting machine? i am very curious to know what you use. your blog is truly a beautiful inspiration!


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