Life throws us all some unexpected curve balls, doesn't it? That's what I've been emotionally wrapped up with for the past couple of weeks. A very dear friend of mine, much like a sister, is dealing with some health issues and I just couldn't muster the willpower or energy to blog about anything at all. Creativity was at an all time low—more like non-existent. Medically speaking my friend is in good hands, so now all we have to do is pray that she recovers soon. It will happen.

So, my head was in a creative tail spin and yesterday I got the opportunity to straighten myself out. I took a solo road trip to visit friends and it was just what the doctor ordered. I must say that there is nothing better than a long road and good music (or silence) to straighten me out mentally. It's at the top of my list of remedies.

If I really need some alone time and there's no reason or time to hit the road these are my other options:
- coffee shop
- bookstore
- long walk
- and as a last minute resort... the couch in the dark, with a cup of tea, when everyone is sleeping.

What do you do to recharge and clear the mental cobwebs?


  1. hmm, i can't say i do anything much different to help things soak in/clear out. driving down a long road has to be my number one. when i lived up north, i'd drive to lake ontario with a cup of coffee, a book and mp3 player and get lost in the lake's waves.
    now that i'm in an area where a large body of water is a three hour drive... i stick to a book, mp3s, and tea but my scenery changes, sometimes my couch, sometimes a cafe.
    stay positive, but not blind, toward your friend's condition. positivity does so much for healing.

  2. What I wouldn't do for a couple of hours of free time. As it is, I'll snatch a moment here or there to do a crossword or a jigsaw puzzle... maybe the time to peruse a copy of Entertainment Weekly that my mom passes on to us... that really does feel good when I get those opportunities. Wish they happened more often.

  3. SweatersinJune - Yes, positivity about my friend's condition is something I'm definitely trying to hold on.

    Michelle - Ah yes, a magazine of any sort is another one that I forgot on my list. That really gets the mind elsewhere.

  4. i must admit i am a coffee and magazine girl ...hope all goes well with your friend...take

  5. For me, it's my children that give me a break from the stresses of the real world. They remind me what life is all about and spending time with one another is the most important thing I can imagine. If by myself, I like to get outside and breathe some fresh air. Ski, walk, run, hike...whatever it may be the nature around me inspires me and lifts my spirits. Peace be with you and yours on a difficult and life-changing event!

  6. Cleaning a closet or organizing a drawer seems to help me get my mental life in order. Prayers for you and your friend, Patricia.

  7. I am with you on the car drive. It's the one thing I can do to straighten myself out. I have to play really loud music, and I need to drive for at least two hours.

    And a huge coffee for the trip is a must.

    Wishing your friend well ...

  8. I agree the car drive has to be a looong one. My drive was 3.5 hrs each way. Perfect.

  9. a bicycle ride along the sea is the best to me! or hiking. Be surrounded by nature in general or a cup of tea when is raining outside.

    Wish you well and your friend

  10. Making bread and eating it fresh out of the oven. (Talk about comfort food...) Reading, and I agree with the bookstore suggestion. I just wish there wasn't an ocean and a continent to get to my favorite one (Stanford Campus). Herbal tea. A nap. Cuddling. A bath with products from Lush. Oh, I've got quite a few favs.

    I hope that your friend gets better soon.

  11. You wanna know how much of a freak I am? Washing dishes makes me all better. I've been doing them all by hand lately so I've been feeling pretty good. It's the most "Mommy time" I get anymore.

    (squisho! Sometimes I love the word verification!)

  12. That totally made me laugh Jessica! So funny how different things can be for some. Washing dishes by hand sends me over the edge if I'm already close to it.

    That reminds me of my college roommate who once begged to iron my clothes. That relaxed her and I got a nice looking outfit!

  13. nature. nature. nature. I go for a walk, and something about the lack of work required to just simply walk and the lack of physical and emotional restraint allows my mind to wander and find temporary balance. It settles anxiety when control is slipping through my fingers or when there's nothing I can do. Wishing you peace and strength to help your friend when she needs it most - you don't know how much you can muster until you need it. It just comes...let it.

  14. this may sound really pathetic, but I find grocery shopping late at night when the store is empty very relaxing. the other night it took me two hours to get through the store.