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I'm not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination, but as soon as I heard about the bloganistas, I thought I'd give it a shot. It's a Flickr group where bloggers will be posting an outfit once a week. Joining the group will actually help me out with a few of my resolutions for the year.

I'm meticulous with my work but not so much with my appearance. I don't think I scare anyone away but it's... well, just fair. Working from home has made me lazy and sometimes I really don't recognize myself. Motherhood has also made my style take a dive. I hate to admit that but it's true. I'm typically the last one to get ready when we're headed anywhere and I just slap myself together. No more.

My first bloganista outfit is here.

I've also decided that this will be the year when I will finally make something to wear—skirts are high on the list. The fact that my Mom has just purchased a serger has me really itching to get going.

So, I'll also be kicking the fear of my sewing machine to the curb. Anyone else trying something that gets them out of their comfort zone?


  1. Oh I so hear you! Not having to go into the office each day has definitely put style on the backburner. Perhaps I should take a leaf out of your book - nothing like a bloganistas deadline to get me moving.

  2. I just posted my own thoughts about trying new things! I just completed my first painting since I was at school and have decided to stop being constrained by saying "I can't"! Here's to getting out of the creative comfort zone!

  3. the only times I attempt to get out of my pj's is when I a) have a piano lesson to teach or b) people are coming over to the house. Since it's winter and below zero I have not had the ambition to do much! But it's my resolution this year to try everything! :)

  4. That jacket is great.

    Challenges usually get me out of my comfort zone (especially if someone says I "can't" do it. Ha!)

    I was curious when I read your post in my feed reader. I scanned the text at first and thought it said "My first bolognaista outfit.." and I said "bologna?" Maybe I should omit this part of the comment? But it made me laugh, so I had to share, and maybe overlook the scrambling of my eyes at night...

  5. I totally agree, I'm always the last one dressed and sometimes that leaves me about 2 minutes.

    I'm doing something similar this year, but it's with my house. It's also one of the last things to get attention and I think it's time for a change!

  6. Great inspiration, Patricia! I just heard about bloganistas, too. I've recently discovered the joy of boots and skirts and have vowed to wear them several times a week. A big change from my yoga pants that basically feel/look like pajamas. It's just so hard when it's freezing outside. Oh, and I love your red coat!

  7. Good luck with the sewing machine - you're more brave than I! Have you by chance been getting my e-mails about the 2010 die-cut calendars?

  8. I was laughing reading this - my uniform is jeans and fleece sweater. There is never enough time (or sometimes reasons) to get dressed up...

    Love that red coat! I am inspired now.

    Thank you for the post about your book and the reviews on amazon. I can totally relate - the fear of rejection is ever present - even on a smaller scale. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love this post, It really speaks to me. I also think that your blog is intricate and lovely. Great work. Check out my blog if you have a chance:


  10. what a wonderful blog you have! xo

  11. I think that's a great goal and you've inspired me. I'd love to learn to sew clothing this year and make a piece myself.

  12. i think you look great! i like comfortable clothes, and i also think that it´s very important for us to change a little. i´m trying to find a new job, but in a new city, only with 3 or 5 friends around me. i think it´s going to be hard for, but i need this change!



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