one hundred eighty

Friday evening I joined a group of ladies that were in Houston for the Quilt Market. I saw familiar friendly faces and meet new ones. In particular, I was so happy to see Michelle again and meet her partner Gina. I am most impressed by their hard work and perseverance. Check out their Cloud 9 fabrics. They are all organic—love that!

I was the outsider, by not being a fabric designer, but I enjoyed hanging out with these very creative women for a bit. I hope they all did well. It is so unfortunate that the Market isn't open to the general public. I'll have to scour some other blogs to see how it went.

On Saturday, we went camping with D's boy scout troop and had a wonderful time. Not even the gray weather could dampen the fun. There was hiking, touching a baby alligator, and of course many roasted marshmallows. It was so nice to unplug from the world even if it was only for 24hrs.

The rest and relaxation ended the minute we got home to discover our water heater had burst in our attic. We walked in to feel squishy carpeting under our feet in several areas of the house. I will spare you all the details of the minutia behind taking care of something like this. I'm sure many of you have been through something similar and I know it could've been worse but... umm... wow.


  1. So sorry you're dealing with this crisis! I haven't experienced such a thing myself, but I know 3 people who have dealt with water wreaking havoc on their homes...such a hurdle of unpleasantry! My heart goes out to you as wait patiently to get back to regular life!

  2. What an awful time for you. Hang in there. Hope things are sorted out soon.

    Just wanted to say that my husband gave me a surprise – your book is part of my birthday present. Can’t wait to try the projects, each one looks great

  3. Thank you Jan! I'm hoping all this gets resolved fast. It's been a crazy week so far.

    Nisha - I hope that you enjoy the book and happy belated birthday!

  4. Great to see you again! So sorry that all this stuff happened in what seems like a split second. And even more bummed that it took you away from us for a possible night out!! But I'm glad to hear (from your other post) that there's a silver lining to all of it. I often wish to scale back. No matter how much I try to shed, it always seems like more... and things keep coming into the house. Takes serious determination to keep material objects at bay. Hope your finally feeling settled and we'll chat soon.