weekend gifts

- A slow and calm couple of days.
- Incessant rain on Saturday which gave us the sloth time we all needed.
- A sketch book with new ideas that came to me between games and movies.
- A sunny Sunday. Our family room gets the best afternoon sun. The Sunburst Wreath is a project I made for Home, Paper, Scissors.
- Waking up later than usual to the announcement that breakfast was ready and served.
- Playing an 'I Spy' type game, made up by D, using the latest Michael's advertisement. Talk about cheap after-breakfast entertainment.
- Getting my butt kicked by my little C playing Guess Who. She was beyond delighted.
- Going to church without incident. No children complaining.

I feel ready to tackle the busy but short week. We're leaving on Thursday to celebrate my brother's wedding in Cancun. The only downside - the dreaded bathing suit purchase which I've been avoiding. A huge gift would be to find it effortlessly.

I hope your weekends were good ones too.


  1. that wreath is stunning! so clean and pretty. can't wait to see the book.


  2. Exactly what Kelly said - love the wreath! So many possibilities.

  3. Sounds like a perfect way to spend the weekend- good luck with the bathing suit shopping! Maybe that's one of the best things about Morocco- no public displays of me in a bathing suit! LOL!

  4. Love the wreath too! You could put a mirror in there

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