I love Martha's new idea for a Flickr 's t i l l ' group. I think we could all use some stillness in our lives, or at least appreciate what is already there. I think my favorite still moments are the kind I have with the kids. They happen either in the very early morning, when they're still a little sleepy, or late at night when they're too tired and just give in to the fact that the day is over. They just want a quiet hug or to be read a story. The best moments.

The photos for this group were supposed to be taken during this week - one a day. I didn't have time to add mine until today and I only have a couple. Here they are.


Reading (the quickest paper project ever, using some scraps from projects for the book)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Patricia your projects continue to amaze me - I could spend all day here checking out your things and all of your links. Sounds like your cup is overflowing, can't wait to see your fabric samples.

  2. Lovely photos isn't it always the way when you are looking for great shots you can never see them?

  3. Love the paint roller- a perfect composition without even trying. Everyday objects are brilliant when seen through different eyes!

  4. paint roller one is too gud..nice color.

  5. Thanks everyone!
    You're right Jackie, my cup is a overflowing a bit!

  6. Red makes me alive and I absolutely love the energy in this shot.

  7. ohh, that top photo -- I can just HEAR the sucking noise that globs of ink make.


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