recycling project no. 4 - matchbooks

This is a little quick project I thought of doing this afternoon (a rainy one again). It's another way to get rid of some junk mail in a more useful way.

I'm always carrying around little pieces of paper with lists on them. These matchbooks will allow me to have them all in one place and recycle some paper at the same time. The outer cover came from a box of paper samples that I've had for a long time. The actual pages of the books are junk mail letters that we've gotten in the past few days. I'll only be able to use one side of the pages because each has something printed on the opposite side.

I used a double fold to make the "spine" sturdy.

I stapled everything together before trimming.

Trimming after stapling ensures a nicer finish.


I thought the covers looked a little plain so I added a scrap of a block print test (silver ink) that I had from another day. My OCDish side keeps looking at those poorly aligned staples, but they're staying as is. One of my intents with my recycling projects is to be more spontaneous and less worried about a perfect outcome. Easier said than done. ;)


  1. that is so clever, really, so simple but so clever and looks so cute.

  2. Yes, that's really cute! I should make those instead of buying little spiral notebooks to jot random notes in. Next time, for sure.

  3. Patricia-
    I love all of your recycle projects and this one is so simple and useful. I think I need to try this one today!

  4. Great and useful recycling idea! I think I will have to try this myself. Did you need quite a strong stapler to go through all the layers of paper?

  5. thanks for sharing such a great project. i love that block print detail!

  6. Thanks everyone!
    Emma - I just used my regular office stapler. I did a test beforehand to see how many pages I could use. That's why I ended up with two books. My stapler couldn't go through all the pages I had the first time around.

  7. Patricia-

    You already know what I think you should do with all these awesome ideas. :)

  8. This is my first visit to your blog and already I love it. I also love your OCD side, the staples look wonderful to me but I'm hearing ya!!

    Cherry xx

  9. very nice...great way to recycle all that junk mail!

  10. Thanks everyone. :)
    Welcome Cherry!

  11. I am sitting at work on a Saturday, waiting for visitors to come in and browsing the web. After finding this post, I immediately went to the office recycle bins, grabbed some brown paperboard and white scrap paper and completed my first one in about 4 minutes. Totally in love. I always carry a giant bag around and keeping paper from getting crumpled in the bottom of the bag is not easy. This way, I can have a little notebook safely shrouded in its paperboard case. Do you mind if I post about this on my blog? I will definitely direct people to you. Thanks for all of your fun projects!!

  12. Hi Hip Homemaker! No, I don't mind you posting it at all. I'm glad you liked the project. :)

  13. very good job i'll try that also.

  14. Thanks for the terrific idea. I think I will do this with the paper I have been given at school and get the kids to do thumb print robins on the covers as Chrissy gifts. Coooooollllll!

  15. Thank you for showing us this great tutorial.Be making some very soon. Have a great week .

  16. Hey there,

    Susanna has added their version of your project on crafty community Cut Out + Keep and we thought you might like to see how it turned out.

    You can see their version and also import your project here (that way you'll find out when any new versions are added) :

    Crafterella :)


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