Can't think of a title today

Fabulous flowers for not such a fabulous day. I took these photos at two different friends' houses when we were still in Colombia. It's amazing how these flowers are everywhere down there. I even saw dahlias like the one below growing in abandoned fields. They're all so beautiful and I thought they'd be nice to show since I didn't get to work on anything today.

I had an endoscopy to see whether I had an ulcer or not. Turns out that I don't. That's the good news. The bad news is I still have that heartburn that has been bothering me. Oh well. I was kind of nervous of being completely out but all went well and I remember nothing of the whole procedure.

My two little ones where sooo sweet with me tonight (and yes, my hubby was too!). When I woke up (I was out cold for most of the day) the kids noticed my bracelet (the hospital kind) and the bandage I had where they put the IV in my hand and asked me what was wrong. I told them that my tummy hurt and that the doctor checked me out today. Little C ran to the kitchen to get me something to drink and Little D was patting my tummy so it would feel better. Then I got tons of kissses from both of them. What else can a mom ask for? I love my babies. :)


So here she is! In general terms I like the way she turned out. I still have issues with her face and hair. I re-did her mouth and nose twice and I'm still not terribly convinced they're the best they can be. But I just wanted to see her done.

It's been a calm weekend. Nice. I hope everyone is having a good one!

BTW Am Intrigued is functioning again. I just couldn't stay away. :) I also updated a few of my links here. Some of my favorite every day reads were missing.

Some progress

Yesterday I felt more productive and organized. I'm trying to stick to my to-do list and got more things done. I even gave myself some breaks and got a little more of dolly done. I made her a removable dress that ties in the back like a halter top. So far I think I'm being successful in making her look like one of my card characters. We'll see what happens when I get to the face and hair. Those will be trickier.

Any Project Runway fans? In a nutshell. Vincent should've been gone last week, Uli should've won last night and Jeffrey may have talent but falls short in the manners department. This is the first season I watch this show. I fell into it when I was so sick a couple of weeks back and was in bed for most of that time. Flipping channels got me there and now I'm hooked!

I have little C with me today so I'll keep this short. Hope you all have a great day! :)


Another block print to show off today. I made the print today (it felt good to play with ink again) but I actually finished making this block in Colombia. I think that's where I got the tiled roof thing. It's something very common there. This will be another addition to A Little Hut. I can't wait to just be open, open, open! Being sick has thrown my schedule off by a couple of weeks but I WILL be open in September (don't know the date yet) even if it kills me!

I started making a new doll last night. I'm using the left over yarn from the chunky dolly to make this thinner one. My plan is to make the body and clothes separate. I want her to be a crocheted version of my cards because I have a little plan for her. I jumped right into making this one even though I have a million other things to do.

Speaking of things to do. I need a schedule. Now that my kids are both in school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I find that it's been harder for me to get my day going in a productive way. I have all this "free" unstructured time and it goes by sooooo quickly. Tomorrow I plan on making a schedule for myself so my precious three days alone don't go to waste. Has anyone gone through this when you have no kids in the house for the first time? The house seems soooo quiet when they're not here. Nice, but weird/sad at the same time.

Making up for lost time

A week away from blogging. I feel guilty. I've gotten all these visits (thank you for coming!) and haven't had anything new to show this past week. I've been really busy just trying to catch up with life and I have no computer - at least not the one I usually use. I'm using my old G3 (the blue one remember?) that has been sitting here picking up dust for a while. I had to take my trusty laptop to Apple to get some things taken care of and I won't have it for 2 weeks or so. Not fun.

Ahhh! A word of caution/reminder for all you internet lovers out there! I was very proud of myself because before taking my laptop to Apple I backed up everything without having my IT hubby remind me about it as is always the case. That is until this conversation:
Him: "Did you backup all your files?"
Me: "Yes. Everything."
Him: "Did you backup all your emails?"
Me: "Yes."
Him: "Did you backup all the photos?"
Me: "Oh yes of course!"
Him: "Did you remember to back up all your bookmarks?"
Me: A long moment of silence. "Ohhhhhh noooooooooo!"

If I lose my bookmarks it will be a loss that I will grieve for a while. I have sooooooo many! At least I was smart enought to start using Bloglines so all the blogs I check out are in one place.

The house is still not up to par but at least our yard is. I love it when my house starts looking the way it should! I have sore legs to prove how much weeding and planting I did on Saturday. My new header has a shot of one of the plants that I bought yesterday. This week I will continue on the inside. Some major purging of toys, clothes, stuff in general will be going on. In the midst of all this I've managed to 'drag' myself to a craft store and get some more stuff. ;) I got some yarn and started a doll for little C without a pattern or plan of any sort. I just dove in. She turned out on the chunky side which was my intention but she's maybe a little too wide around the hips.

Speaking of hips the whole week and a half I was sick I managed to lose 10 lbs. (some of that was gained in Colombia where we were eating like kings!). That was the least fun way to lose them but I'm glad I did so I'm going to take advantage of that and start drinking more water (I quit drinking coffee! *gasp*) and start back into my 1/2 marathon training. I'll be running it in January and I'm worried because I've fallen behind schedule. My training group is already up to the 5 mile run and I haven't even started because of the whole sick thing. Geeezz! Getting sick just messes up your entire life doesn't it?!

So back to dolly... I finished her body in one afternoon but hadn't added her face so little C was very concerned. She kept telling me "eyes, mommmy, eyes!". I finally gave her a face and some hair on Saturday and yesterday I had to literally crochet as fast as I could because little C wanted to play with her badly but I still wanted to add a little something to the bottom of the sweater. At least she's already enjoying this doll more than the other one I made. Ana has been totally ignored! Oh well. I'm keeping her for myself as a reminder that the sewing machine is my friend. One of these days I'm going to have to take a sewing class to get over my insecurities in that department!

Quick update

- We're back home! Yipee! We missed Daddy!!
- I got sick the night before our flight and still kind of am (gastroenteritis - YUCK!!!)
- We had an uneventful 5hr flight but I was sick, had a fever and had two kids and luggage to keep an eye on. Yes, tons of fun...
- Sunday night I was in the ER
- I've been in bed all week
- Wednesday I missed my daughter's first day of school ever! :(
- I'm better today but my house is a TOTAL wreck!
- Sleeping in my own bed after two months away is heaven!

More later. The mess around me is driving me insane!